Pennsylvanians For Human Life

Every Life Is Precious-Make the Right Choice

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About us

Pennsylvanians For Human Life, is a crisis pregnancy center and a unique educational and resource center dedicated to the support of those working to promote the sanctity of all human life from the moment of conception to natural death.


We believe that with prayer, education, and offering alternatives, we can make a difference.

We protect the rights of the family

We are strong proponents of the sanctity of family and have become a powerful force since our modest beginnings almost 50 years ago. We strive to protect the respect for human life and family via education. We provide an up-to-date library on dozens of important issues that provide complete and accurate information to groups and individuals.

We help our community

• Expert speakers and educational programs

• Topics include abortion, infanticide and euthanasia

• FREE monthly publications

• Unexpected pregnancy assistance and counseling

We are solely

a volunteer organization         and we rely

on your support

to operate successfully.  


Please consider      donating today.


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We support the needs of mothers-to-be

We are here to support mothers when the challenges of life may seem overwhelming and they are uncertain how a baby will fit in their lives. We offer counseling, supplies and the assistance you need to help make the choice for life.

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Our goals:

We are dedicated to promoting the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.


We believe in offering an integrated approach to sexuality which deals with the total person, and has moral value in the Judeo-Christian context.


We assist women with untimely pregnancies and their babies, by providing all that is necessary for the woman to make the decision so that she and her baby can live.


We oppose abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and other social evils that reflect an anti-life philosophy.


We promote education on life issues and offer alternatives to abortion.


We serve as an educational and resource center for organizations  and individuals.

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