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The miracle of a baby's development

Learn more about the amazing journey that is life before birth. At no time does your life grow and change more than in the first nine months before birth.


The Milestones of Life:


Day 1 Conception – The moment one of 200 billion sperm reaches the mother’s egg cell, a new and unique individual is created. All of the baby's features are set in those moments including your baby's hair color, sex, eye color, and even the dimples in his cheeks! As the cells divide, the baby, smaller than a grain of sugar, begins to grow.


Day 21 – Just 3 weeks into the development, the baby’s heart begins to beat and the ear buds have formed.


6 weeks – The new baby has tiny legs and arms and facial features begin to develop.


8 weeks – The baby is now well proportioned and about the size of a thumb. All organs are present and functional and bones are beginning to form.


12 weeks – The developing infant now is practicing breathing and developing complex muscles, including facial and vocal cords.


4 months – The baby has nostrils, toenails and may suck his thumb. The baby is now capable of experiencing pain at this age.


5 months – Mom can now feel the baby moving easily and he is about 7.5 inches long.


6 months – At this age the baby is just about ready to begin hearing and has periods of wakefulness and napping.


7 months – The eyelids begin to reopen and eyelashes have developed.


8 months – Skin becomes pink and smooth and the quarters are getting tight for your baby.


9 months – The child triggers labor and birth occurs. On average this happens after 264 – 270 days after conception.



From the moment of conception, a new life has come into being.